We update our availability here when plants hit the tables once a week. This list is meant to give you an idea of what we have in stock but come and see what other goodies we have around the nursery. 

We also have a wide variety of heirloom organic seeds, local wares and herbal remedies in our yurt shop.  

Updated: 12-20-2021

Call with questions: 512-217-0661

Fruit Trees & Shrubs:

 These trees are well rooted young trees from Dave Wilson Nursery.

Grafted species are on root stock for our Central Texas Climate.

They are ready to be planted. Enjoy! 

Apple: Dorset Golden, Pink Lady, Fuji Red, Anna

Pear: Hosui, Warren

Plum: Santa Rosa, Methley

Peach: Red Barron, Donut

Fig: Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Desert King

Pomegranate: Wonderful 

Blueberry - Jubilee

Goji Berry

Blackberry: Thornless Natchez

Hops: Centennial 

Olive: Arbequina, Misson

Organic Culinary & Medicinal Herbs:

Bay Laurel Trees

Chives, Various mints, Borage, Roman Chamomile, Ciulantro

Fennel (two varieties), Oregano (multiple varieties)

Italian parsley, garden sage, Thyme, Upright Rosemary

Nasturtium, Green Globe Artichoke, Asparagus

Wormwood, Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus),

Lavender (3-4 varieties), Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea),

Hyssop,Aloe Vera,Yarrow, Mexican Oregano

Organic Edibles:

Green Globe Artichoke, Asparagus


Trees & Shrubs:

Bay Laurel (1 gal)

Texas Mountain Laurel 5 gal

Bald Cypress 3 gal

Carolina Buckthorn 3 gal

Rough Leaf Dogwood 5 gal

Arroyo sweet wood 5 gal

Texas Kidneywood 5 gal

Native & Adapted Plants:


Mexican Oregano

Mexican Hummingbird Bush (Dicleptra)

Coral Honey Suckle

Skeleton Leaf Golden Eye Daisy

Frog Fruit,

Mexican Honeysuckle, Horse Herb,

Pink Skullcap,

House Plants/ Tropicals:
We've got a few beauties and will restock soon.

We now have Pottery of many sizes and shapes!

Soil Amendments:
-Local 'Loyal to the Soil" - Worm castings + Biochar
Ground up Soil:
-Organic Compost
-Leaf Mold Compost
-Bohemian Potting Blend
-Veggie & Herb Soil (in ground & potting)
-Eco-thrive Compost
-Hardwood Mulch
Fox Farm:
-Strawberry Fields Potting Soil
-Multi-Purpose Granulated Fertilizer (7lb)
-Super Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer (1Quart)
-Maximum blooms Liquid Fertilizer (1 Quart)
-Soil & Plant Energy Liquid Fertilizer (1 Quart)
-Biomatrix Liquid Fertilizer (1 Gal)
Wild Roots:
-organic mycorrhiza Concentrate