Peoples Broadfork:

The People's broadfork is easy for almost anyone to use and digs a full 12" into the soil. This matches or exceeds the depth of all our competitors. Turn turf into garden; a breeze to use in established beds. Especially for smaller size folks, older adults, anyone who prefers a lighter weight tool. High-strength alloy steel won't break. Powerful and fun! 

Weight: 15 lbs. Tine length: 12 inches. Width: 19", Handles: 46-1/2".


Tall Broadfork:

The best broadfork in the world. Our Tall indestructible broadfork is in a class by itself, with more digging power than any competitor. Strong people who want to work to their limit: THIS IS FOR YOU. Great balance and effective leverage make the Tall easy for most adults 5'5" and over to use. High-strength alloy steel, welded together, will not bend or break. Handle a range of tasks from breaking compacted soil to tilling established beds and aerating perennials.  Weight: 22 lb. Tine length: 14". Width: 20". Handles: 50".

Broad Fork